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Innovative. Practical. Designed for living. 
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Gail has been involved in the arts and crafting worlds for over 40 years, from needlepoint to floral design to painting. She has done numerous craft and art shows over the years. She likes to make her work affordable to many so that it can be enjoyed. Both her crafts and art come in multiple sizes and styles - there's a piece for everyone and every environment!

Currently, she works with a variety of materials including tin, canvas, paper, tile, and glass.  She prefers alcohol ink and acrylic paint.  Gail works with both small and large surfaces creating unique pieces each time. Gail brings to life nature with her use of alcohol ink and the blending of bright colors and calm skies. She likes to experiment with techniques and different surfaces. Glass is fun to work with and the colors reflect light patterns. Her acrylic pieces are each unique due to a combination of skill and the movement of the paint. The paint creates it's own landscape and sometimes the original idea is far from the final product. Gail has done acrylic pours on wooden table tops, canvases, wooden boards and shelves, and tin objects. 

Whether you're adding a piece of art to brighten up your room or you need a colorful vase to display flowers, Gail has it.  

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