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Email Gail to schedule a viewing of works. 

Alcohol Ink Paintings

The paintings are created using alcohol ink and then set to dry for a number of hours.  Paintings are sprayed with a sealer that helps to preserve the color and protect against dust.  Paintings are done on yupo paper and canvases. 


Acrylic Pours

Acrylic paint and a pouring medium are used to create these canvas paintings. Each painting comes with a handmade stained wooden frame.   

Acrylic pours are also done on wood boards, wooden table tops, and other materials to create unique and decorative pieces. 

Red Wave.jpg
Snow People

These snow people are created from a wire snowman wreath form. They are decorated either with fabric or acrylic pours on canvas. Artifical greens, pompoms, and fabric are used to create unique personalities. Each has a loop on the back to hang. 


Inside only.  

Sample of works gallery

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